Welcome & Introduction

Hello and welcome to Simon Dodd Astrophotography.

This is basically a place for me to share my images of the night sky. There will also be options to be able to purchase my images as posters, framed pictures and maybe even mugs!

So how did this all start?

My Dad decided to buy a telescope when I was living back there and that was what sent me down the rabbit hole of capturing images of deep space objects. I just couldn’t quite do it by holding my phone against the eyepiece so purchases were required!

The first step was to get an adapter to attach a DSLR camera to the telescope. Then I really started to get excited. Well, I thought I was excited… These were just the starter steps though. My Dad’s scope was a pretty good visual telescope but if I was going to be taking any better images then I would need an upgrade…

I finally get my own place and what is one of the first things I buy (much to my family’s wonderment)?

Yep a telescope with tracking mount!

Fortunately I was able to find a second hand mount so that saved me a lot of money but it was still a significant investment for me but I was off to the races!

One of the first images from my new setup

I think this is one of the first images using my new ‘scope. I don’t often capture the moon as I find it pretty boring to image, it only takes a couple of minutes to get setup and you’re ready to go. You can spend a further 20 minutes fine tuning it but on the whole it’s very easy to image the moon even with a camera and lens!

The enjoyment for me is having to spend hours capturing the same part of the sky and then spend further hours editing it all together and processing it to get the final image. More on that later though.

I think that will just about wrap it up for this into post here. I think the next post will be some more detail on my current setup that I will try to keep updated as things get added to my setup!

Clear Skies!

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